10 X 10 Challenge – Winter 2018

The amount of times I look at my closet and say to myself, “I have nothing to wear” is too frequent. I know which clothes are my go-to’s and which clothes I hold onto, even though I know I’ll never wear some of them.

I’ve always been intrigued by a capsule wardrobe but was intimidated by limiting myself to a few pieces. This is where the 10 X 10 Challenge comes in…

What is the 10 x 10 challenge?

The 10 X 10 Challenge is a micro capsule concept that was created by Lee from Style Bee. She started it during a 30 day shopping fast to encourage herself to be more creative with the clothes she had in her closet. There are some basic guidelines to follow, but Lee encourages you to make it your own and do what is realistic for you.

Here is the basic formula for the challenge:

  • 4 tops
  • 2 bottoms
  • 2 shoes
  • 1 dress
  • 1 top layer

10 x 10 refers to choosing 10 pieces to make 10 outfits from. She has a worksheet you can download and print off to organize and reflect on your outfits.

Why am I participating?

The 10 X 10 Challenge seems like a great way to see what is possible with a smaller amount of wardrobe options without committing to the full capsule wardrobe. It’s also not a secret that I love to shop. I’d like to narrow down my closet to pieces I actually wear and truly love, so that I get more use out of each item. Knowing what I can get out of my closet will help me determine what I really need in my wardrobe, instead of buying an aggressive amount of cardigans. I’m not planning on getting rid of all my clothes and starting over; I think that’s irresponsible for the environment and my wallet. I’ll continue to use what I have and only purchase the clothes I absolutely need. I’m hoping to gain more insight into my personal style, establish some go-to uniforms, and reinvest in my current closet.

My 10 pieces

In this challenge, accessories don’t count, which I appreciate because I can use blanket scarves as an added layer if its colder. I thought choosing my items would be difficult, but I quickly was able to identify my closet MVPs. I made a few edits to the plan to make it realistic for me:

  • I decided to not count shoes in my 10 pieces. The average temperature has been around -20ish where I live, so I knew I would need more layering pieces. I also take public transit everywhere and am wearing my winter boots for practicality, so my shoe choice is limited right now.
  • I swapped my two pairs of shoes for a cardigan and another shirt. With only one top layer I’d likely be wearing the same cardigan almost every day, so I knew I’d need another one.
  • I chose a skirt instead of a dress because the skirt gave me more outfit options.

Follow Along on Instagram

The challenge starts today, is only on weekdays, and ends on February 1st! I’ll be posting a review at the end of the challenge, including my 10 outfits! In the meantime, you can follow the challenge with these Instagram hashtags: #winter10x10 #StyleBee10x10 #UnFancyRemix #jayywing10x10

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  1. January 21, 2018 / 9:34 pm

    I can’t wait to follow along with this. I always want to try this but I’m so indecisive about fabrics/patterns and fits some days that I need options.

    • January 22, 2018 / 12:47 am

      I think the key is to pick things that are fairly neutral! Accessories don’t count in the “challenge” so the idea is to add accessories (scarves, jewelry, hats) if you want the bolder patterns. That being said, I have looked at the hashtag and people are using more patterned prints and making it work!