Clear Phone Case Ideas

Six clear phone case ideas to get more use out of a single case.

Most people know that I am phone case obsessed. It’s a problem, I’ll admit it! So, I thought I’d challenge myself to creative and see what I can do with a clear phone case in hope that I’ll buy less, haha. I own this case from Case-Mate. If you have any more ideas to add to this list, please comment them below!

Here are six ways you can use a clear phone case to add some personality to your phone.

1 – Polaroid

This is definitely one of my favourites! I have an Instax printer, so I can print off any photo in my camera roll. I also use the printer for decor in my room and for gifts!

Clear Phone Case Ideas

2 – Stickers

I love stickers but can’t commit to sticking them to my devices. This is my sneaky work around! You can overlay them and make a collage as well.

Clear Phone Case Ideas

3 – Print out a background

I’ll admit I was a little lazy with cutting this out, haha. I looked at my phone wallpapers Pinterest board and printed off a few of my favourites.

Clear Phone Case Ideas

4 – Wrapping paper

I was a little less lazy with cutting out this one! Sometimes wrapping paper is too pretty to only use it for ripping apart. This is one way that you can keep a small piece with you, instead of keeping the entire roll.

Clear Phone Case Ideas

5 – Magazine cut out

Does anyone else love keeping magazines with pretty pictures? Maybe it’s because I just made a vision board, but I love the idea of keeping some pretty images somewhere. Doing this, I can keep a small envelope of cut outs, instead of keeping the entire magazine.

Clear Phone Case Ideas

6 – Mementos

I have a box and a notebook where I keep mementos. I try to limit myself to these two places to hold on to those tiny things like ticket stubs or gift tags. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of great memories or things you love 🙂

Clear Phone Case Ideas


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Clear Phone Case Ideas


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