Carry-on Essentials


When going on an airplane, you have to pack light. Here’s a list of my carry-on essentials.

I’m a weirdo and I think it’s fun to pack my carry-on. I’m fortunate enough to not have lost my luggage, but because of where I’m going, I can’t afford to not utilize my carry-on should that happen. It’s safe to say I’m putting equally as much thought into what I pack in my carry-on as I do my checked luggage. Besides the obvious documents you’ll need for your travels (tickets, passport, etc.), here are my carry-on essentials:


An extra set of clothes

Carry-on Essentials clothing

From what I hear, nothing is worse than getting off a plane and finding out that your luggage is delayed or lost. For myself, it’s nice to have the option to change once I’m off the airplane. I also like having the option to change in case I drop food or spill a drink on my clothes (that’s the kind of luck I have).



Carry-on Essentials tech

Now that Netflix has blessed us with the ability to download shows for offline viewing, I make sure my iPad is charged and ready to go. I’m currently watching House on Netflix. I pack my headphones, iPad, and chargers. I would normally bring a book, but I put a couple on my iPad to save on space and weight.



Carry-on Essentials beauty

Does my toothbrush count as beauty? Haha. Besides that, I have moisturizer, under eye concealer, mascara, face wipes, and lip balm. I don’t wear a lot of makeup.



Carry-on Essentials misc

I plan on sleeping on the plane, so I’m packing some Gravol to help kickstart my drowsiness. SNACKS. How could I forget about snacks???I have an overnight flight so I don’t plan on eating a lot, but I’m bringing 2 protein bars (these are my favourite) and some crackers. Bonus snack: apparently, I get banana bread on the airline I’m taking.


There we have it; my carry-on essentials! What are some items you can’t travel without? I’d love to know! View my other travel posts here.