Tips For Co-Op Students And Interns

During my three co-op terms, I learned a lot from my co-workers, mentors, and other students. I want to share with you some of my favourite tips for co-op students and interns. If you have anything to add to the list, comment down below!


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsRemember to thank people. Your mentors, co-workers, and colleagues are taking time out of their day to teach you what they know. They are contributing to your goals and growth. Don’t forget to thank them for that.


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsLearn your boundaries. This could be with work attire, work language, or any responsibility that you have. Knowing your boundaries will help set the tone for your position and the work you do.


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsBe careful of “Reply All”. Many offices use mail lists, so ensure that you are responding to the person you’d like to, and not all the recipients of the original email.


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsDon’t be afraid of the phone. Emails are convenient and fast, but they can’t replace verbal communication. Sometimes it’s more efficient to talk to a person, rather than through email-tag.


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsAsk for more work. If, and only if, you have your workload under control, ask for more work. This is a good way to learn some new skills or work with different departments.


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsDress your best. We’ve all heard “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It’s also good to keep in mind that you are always representing yourself and your organization.


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsPay attention to office culture. Do your co-workers always go out for lunch together on Fridays? If you have a question, should you email someone or stop by their desk? Answers to questions like these are things that contribute to office culture, and will help you integrate into your workplace successfully.


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsKeep an eye on your social media. Make sure you aren’t posting anything that could potentially be offensive. You are representing yourself, your work and clients. Many people have been fired over offensive or inconsiderate social media posts.


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsWrite down what you did. Keep a file of the tasks and projects you completed during your internship. This will come in handy when you need a refresher while updating your resume and portfolio, or prepping for job interviews.


Tips For Co-Op Students And InternsWork hard. It’s a no-brainer, but on top of learning about your chosen career path, you are constantly building your reputation and personal brand during an internship. Always do your best work!


Do you have any tips for co-op students and interns? Please comment them below that we can help each other out.

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