Parabo Press X Valentine’s Day

An easy DIY to highlight the important part of Valentine’s Day: Spreading some love.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day because, let’s be honest, it’s mostly a commercial holiday. When the opportunity came up to write a post about Parabo Press and Valentine’s Day, I thought of a fun way to make the day more meaningful.

The main point of Valentine’s Day is love, so why limit that to people in relationships? I’m lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend, but I am also surrounded by so many amazing people. I want to share the love with them, so I thought of a fun way to brighten people’s day!

I love good packaging! The pictures come in a re-sealable plastic sleeve, and the washi tape came in a drawstring bag.

Easy, DIY Valentine

Remember when you got Valentines from your classmates? Why not do that for your friends? Here is how I’m using the photo prints as Valentines.

First, I picked the 4×6 prints from the Parabo Press website, using photos from my phone and Instagram account. Parabo Press has a phone app, so I did all my ordering while I was on the bus to work, lol. I also picked out some washi tape.

The back of the prints are blank, so I’ll be writing my messages on the back. I used the washi tape to add some dimension to where I’m putting my message. For the Valentines I had to mail, I used it as a divider to create a postcard.

Another idea is to design your own cards using Canva and get them printed like I did with these pictures. Because you can upload from your computer, all you have to do is save the designs from Canva and select them on Parabo Press. I’ve also seen people use square prints to make a hanging wall display or mobile.


Other gift ideas

I also ordered a desk calendar that included photos of my boyfriend and I. It’s a fun way to showcase my favourite photos of us each month. Beyond Valentine’s Day, Parabo Press has a lot of personalized photo products for all occasions:

How to get your own prints

Simply click here  and use the code: JWVAL to get 25% off. The discount expires 2/28/18. 

What I like most about Parabo Press is that it’s easy to use, they ship quick, and the products are nice. I’ve used them for printing photos for my room (see below) and am part of their ambassador program. I share monthly deals on my blog About Me page.

This post is sponsored by Parabo Press.



  1. January 30, 2018 / 1:53 am

    Those prints look awesome and it’s a great idea to spread the love this Valentine’s Day. I’ve gotta check them out.

    • January 30, 2018 / 4:43 pm

      Thought it would be fun to make the day less about couples and more about appreciation. I have one for you, hehe.

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