How To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Simple tricks that can help you get ready faster in the morning.

If you know me, you’ll know that I love my sleep. I’m one of those people that needs their eight hours of sleep to function properly, so I’ve pretty much nailed my morning routine down so that I can optimize my sleeping time. Here are some of the strategies I use to get ready faster and not run around like a stressed out person.


1 – Do everything you can the night before

Make your lunch, choose your outfit, check your calendar, and pack your purse / work bag. Sometimes I’ll even lay out my makeup in order. When I go to sleep, it’s nice knowing that everything will be organized in the morning.

2 – Meal Prep

This will save you time in your morning routine and money. There are lots of recipes on Pinterest that you can pre-make for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’re running late in the morning, you know that you’ll have some backups in the fridge or freezer that you can quickly grab.

3 – Master a quick beauty routine

In the morning I use moisturizer, eye concealer, a light brown eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. I’m really lucky that I don’t have to use a lot of product on my skin, so I can have my makeup done in two minutes. Mind you, my ‘fancy’ makeup only takes me about 5 minutes (clearly I’m not a makeup guru, haha).  Keep all your ‘quick routine’ products in one bag or container so you don’t have to search through all of your products.

4 – Don’t check social media

It’s tempting but you’ll get sucked into the Instagram or email hole very quickly. I find that if I check my emails when I wake up, I start thinking about work and multi-tasking, which makes me panicked and rushed in the morning, no matter how much time I have. You’ll also learn how quickly 10 minutes can pass when you’re scrolling through Instagram.

5 – Don’t waste time in the shower

…or shower the night before. If you’re like me and have to shower in the morning, I suggest setting a timer or listening to music while you shower so that you can keep track of time. After a while, you won’t need the timers! Another tip is to make the water slightly uncomfortable. If the water is too hot, you’re more likely to linger (and it’ll dry out your skin!)

6 – Make a list

Whenever I know that I have to remember a lot in the morning, I make a list the night before of things I have to do or grab before I can head out for work. Some days it feels silly, but I’ve forgotten my lunch or gym clothes too many times. I usually use my Day Designer to keep track.

7 – Keep your space clean

Have you ever run around your room in a complete panic, trying to find a specific outfit? Every time this happens to me, I swear to myself that I need to keep my room cleaner, and end up in the same place a few weeks later 😜 If I keep my room clean, then I know I’ll be able to find everything if I wake up late.

8 – Have a ‘command centre’

In my room, I have one spot there I put my purse, keys, mail, and small accessories; these are the things I need when I am walking out the door. By keeping them in one place, I know I will always be able to find me essentials. Ideally this space should be near your front door so it’s the last thing your see on your way out, and the first thing on your way in.

9 – Wake up earlier

The obvious answer, but even an extra 10 minutes can make a difference in your morning routine. You never know when things will go wrong, like spilling your tea everywhere or remembering you forgot your lunch as you walk to your car. Waking up a little earlier every day will get easier if you do it consistently.


I’m still working on the getting up early part and I would love to add some morning workouts into my morning routine, but it’s a work in progress. It’s not a change that happens overnight, it takes time to find out what works for you. If you have any morning routine tips, I’d love to hear them! Please comment down below.


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Simple tricks that can help you get ready faster in the morning.