What I Use to Edit My Instagram Photos

In part one of this series, I went over a few strategies to get more engagement and create a more cohesive Instagram feed. In this post, I’ll go over what I use to edit my Instagram photos and stay organized!



This is my ‘ride or die’ Instagram app, haha! I love the filter options and I use this app to edit almost the whole photo. I use Instagram editing tools to brighten.


This app allows me to test out a photo in my feed before I post it. It eliminates the need for posting and quickly deleting. I’ve heard of some people creating a private, secondary Instagram to test out how photos will look… not needed with Mosaico! Another similar, free app is UNUM.

Google Photos

If you’re like me and take 8539278592 photos, that can take up a lot of space on your phone. I backup my phone photos on Google Photos once a day, and delete any duplicates or photos I won’t use in the immediate future. I also backup my phones to my computer, but this is a great secondary place to home the photos.


I only use this to sharpen specific parts of a photo and to make whites whiter. Otherwise, I don’t know how to use the other features, lol.

Hype Type 

All those cool Instagram stories with test flashing across the screen? It’s probably this app. Bonus: it’s free and super easy to use. The downside is that you can’t customize the image size. A similar app to this is Legend. The downside with Legend is that it only makes square images, so you can’t use them in your Instagram stories. You can create gifs with it though!


I use this to brighten photos. I find that VSCO makes the photo more grainy when it brightens, so using Snapseed is my trick!


If you’ve used Canva for desktop, this is the mobile version. It’s brilliant! There are a lot of templates, or you can create your own. If you have a paid Adobe account, you can use Spark Post to create graphics and edits on photos. It’s similar to Canva, but there is a lot more flexibility and options.


And that’s all of them! I don’t use every app for every photo, but these are in my arsenal when I want to be creative with Instagram. What apps do you use?




  1. Rox-Anne
    November 27, 2017 / 4:27 pm

    I have cut down on my app use (because a few that originally were free now charge) but I do use Snapseed if I took a photo on my phone and need to edit something small like recently when I snapped the best photo but a fly was in the sky. I used Snapseed to remove the fly and keep my perfectly blue sky uncluttered. I love Hype Type and a new one I have been seeing on IG is the sparkly one. Will have to find out what that one is. Another app I use all the time is SunSurveyor. It let’s me know the best time for shooting outdoors (blue hour, sunrise, golden hour, sunset) That one is a life saver especially in the winter when we have such a short window of time! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

    • November 28, 2017 / 3:26 am

      I didn’t know Snapseed could do that! I haven’t heard of SunSurveyor, but I definitely need to download that with the lack of daytime here 🙁 If you find out what the sparkly app is, let me know!